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JUNE 1, 2012
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March 15,2012
  Divorced Parents
Critical Care Note Errors
Mobile Device Security
SGR Update
World Health Organization
Revalidation Requests
What are the Insurance Companies up to these days?
ACA Update
Feb. 15, 2012
  Medicare Appeals
Bioengineered Skin
ICD-10 Compliance Date
$9.1M to Medical Students
Re-assigning Medicare Benefits
Patient Healthcare Cutback
WI Medical Society in Action
WI Medicaid to Deny Claims
Jan. 15, 2012
  WEA Duplicate Payments
Change in the Definition of a New Patient
Audit-Proof Record Corrections
Carrier Contracts
Part 3 - EMR Liabilities
December 15, 2011
  H.R. 3630
5010 Claim Format
Annual Wellness Visit
Medicare Revalidation
Unnecessary Procedures
Part 2 - EMR Liabilities
November 15, 2011
  Slash In Conversion Rates
2012 ICD-9 & CPT-4
Webinar for CPT Changes
Proposed New Rules on Labs
AAAAI Thoughts on EMR's
Postage Rates to Increase
EMR Liabilities
October 15, 2011
  ERA/EFT Enrollment
It's Not A Joke
Did You Know...?
WPS Medicare
New Medicare Carrier
SGR 2012 Survey Results
September 15, 2011
  Correct Coding Intiative Update
Insurance Companies Buying Physician Groups
Part 3 Computer Hacking
Medicare Overpayments
$865,500.00 Fine
August 15, 2011
  Registration Form Update Needed
Class Action Suit-Largest Ever Filed
Part 2 Computer Hacking
Coding for EMR & E-Rx
Firing a Patient
July 15, 2011
  Post Office Boxes
FIghting Medicare Fraud
January Reduction Notice
Part I - Computer Hacking
Complete PM Package
Email Security
March 15, 2011
  In Our Updated Space
ICD-10 Training
Deleted Codes
MMEA of 2010
Medicare Timely Filing
Healthcare Reform
Mental Health Charting
Home Health Orders
June 15, 2011
  5010 Format
EHR Payments Coming In
Referring Services
Physician Apology Law
Exemptions to E-Rx
Proposed W/C Changes
Not Ready For ICD-10????
May 15, 2011
  Admin Fees
Archiving Data
CMS Recovery Audits
Pt Satisfaction Scores
E-Prescribe Incentives
Rural Residency Program
April 15, 2011
  Red Flag Exemptions
Racine Unified School District
Patient's Home Address
Be on the Lookout
Mental Health Providers
Fax Coversheets
The Affordable Care Act
Protecting Your Computer
February 15, 2011
  In Our Updated Space
ICD-10 Training
Deleted Codes
MMEA of 2010
Medicare Timely Filing
Healthcare Reform
Mental Health Charting
Home Health Orders
January 15, 2011
  Patient Account Credits
Transparency Law
Online Appointments
PECOS Implementation Date
Obama Freezes Dr Pay
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
New Red Flag Wording
December 15, 2010
  Lots of Medicare Changes in 2011
Medicare Payment Reduction Delayed
New Therapy Rates for 2011
Register Your EMR Product for Reimbursement Incentives
November 15, 2010
  Holiday Closures
Download PHI
2011 Last Dx Update
Enrollment Begins
Proper Documentation
Medicare Cuts
October 15, 2010
  Come On Into The 21st Century
The Use of Scribes
POS Miscoded
Accuracy is Important
Proper Use of 99211
Review of Nurse's Notes
X-rays During Global Periods
August 15, 2010
  We're Growing
Expanded Hours
EMR Incentives
Holiday Closing
Free Samples
ACO's On The Rise
Final Healthcare Bill
ANSI v5010
July 15, 2010
  Welcome Aboard
Since the Last Newsletter...
Identity Theft
Medicare Glitch
June 15, 2010
  Red Flag Delay
Red Flag Lawsuit
RVU Changes
New Staff Members
Credit Card Security
Fourth of July
Plexus Renovations
April 15, 2010
  Insurance Executive Compensations
Wisconsin S.B. 286
HIPAA Privacy Updates
Patient Eligibility
Aetna Reimbursement
Aetna's New Records Program
WEA Deductibles
Health Security Strategy
March 15, 2010
  Price Transparency
Medicare Participation
Medicare Late Fees
Modifier "AI"
FCC Pushing for Telemedicine
HIPAA Updates for 2010
February 15, 2010
  Body Mass Index
MultiPlan Faxes
Medicare Pay Cuts
An EMR Remedy
Medicare PECOS Denials
How Fee Schedules are Established
WEA Deductible
January 15, 2010
  E-Rx Changes
Consultaion Codes
Mayo Clinic in AZ
New Employee
PECOS Enrollment Requirement
Medicare Premiums/Deductibles
Congress Proposes New Physician Pmt System
December 15, 2009
  Holiday Hours
Temporary Extension
Are you a Liability Self-Insurance?
Credit Card Processing
W/C Fees
Medical Services to Employees
November 15, 2009
  MC Billing Window
Wave Of The Future
Credit Card Processing
Software Upgrade
2010 Physician Fees
Blue Cross Lost Laptop
MA Happy With Model
October 15, 2009
  MC Surprise Visits
Fees for Records
Healthcare Reform
MGMA Cost Survey 2009
State of IL Employees
Badgercare Plus Core Plan
Big Upgrade Almost Done
September 15, 2009
  DME Fee Updates
Prompt Payment Act>br> Medicare Scam
2010 Medicare Reimbursements
Big Update Coming
Direct Deposits
Clarifying EDS Copays
The High Cost of Haggling
August 15, 2009
  Transition of Authority
Wi State Budget
New Chiropractic Laws
State Supreme Court Decision
Healthcare Reform
Where is the Most Expensive Care in America?
June 15, 2009
  Summer Hours
Medicare & Chiropractic Care
Patients' Bill of Rights
WPS/Medicare Relationship
Hospice Narratives
New Drug Warnings
Wisconsin State Deficits
Recovery Audit Contractors
Did You Know...
May 15, 2009
  Red Flag Rules
Propsed Change in DPM Medicaid Status
Training Seminars
Reminder Calls to Patients
Medicaid Eligibility
Katie Beckett Program
April 15, 2009
  Today's Health Reality
Debts of the Deceased
EMR Reimbursement
CCI Update
Marketing Efforts
Medicare Is Paperless
March 15, 2009
  CVS HIPAA Violation
UHC Settles
Recession Felonies
Florida Has the Right Idea!
Hi Tech Incentives
Easter Closings
February 15, 2009
  Plexus Selected for Beta Testing Site
The State of Medical Affairs
EMR Stimulus
Medical Biller's Day
Plexus is Saving You $$$$
IRS Can Levy MC Pmts
January 15, 2009
Humana Medicare Product
Obama Supports Chiropractic
Pyramid Life
Diabetes Costs
WPS Lost Bid
New York Times Feature
November 2008
EMR Purchasing Tips
December 15, 2008
  CCI Edit Update
Refunding Medicare
More EMR Info
Holiday Closings
BadgerCare Plus in the Red
Visa & MasterCard Raise Rates
OIG Semi-Annual Report
Utilize Section 179
Wait Till You Hear This
November 15, 2008
  Update! Update!
Bankruptcies in WI
EDS Phone System
Changes to CMS Enrollment
Changes to ABN's
Holiday Closings
Credentialing - Easier
Billing Issues
October 15, 2008
  Hard Times
EDS Changing Policy #'s
Change to Newborn Reporting for T-19
Big Update
Decrease No-Shows
Physician Identity Theft
Copay/Deductible Waiving
The Collection Process
Medicare Premiums
September 15, 2008
  Updated MC Fees
A Great Case for EMR
Screening Pelvic Exams
Required Submissions
2009 Dx Codes
Errors in DME Payments
Interesting Data
Red Flag Rules
August 15, 2008
  New Employees
PQRI Reports
Chiropractic Clients
Mental Health Clients
Plan Oversight
Cigna & Great West
July 15, 2008
  Crisis Averted
Physical Therapy
ICD-9 Codes
Taxonomy Codes
Medicaid Prior Auth's
Lung Cancer
Rapid Growth
June 15, 2008
  WEA Issues
Cutting Costs
HIPAA Privacy Brochures
"Incident To" Billing
4th of July
Bacground Checks
Medicare Fee Reduction
Contingency Plan
Patient Messaging
May 15, 2008
  NPI Is Here
New Clearinghouse
WPS & Email
Prolonged Services
What If...?
Billing For Injections
Memorial Day
We Speak Espanol
April 15, 2008
  Medicare Refunds
UnitedHealth - Again
NPI Crosswalks
BCBS Updates
CPT Changes for Psych
Stop Smoking
Concierge Care
March 15, 2008
  Credit Card Rates
Title XIX Copays
LEP Patients
Changes to the ABN
$371.5 Million In Improper Payments
KHSC Humana Payments
UnitedHealth Group
February 15, 2008
  Wal-Mart Clinics
HCPCS Code Sets
PQRI Updates
Fairly Measuring Dr Productivity
New T-19 Plan
January 15, 2008
  Uninsured Patients
Internal Loss of Profits
2008 Medicare Fees
Badgercare Updates
EMR Updates
HIPAA Security Rule
December 15, 2007
  Insurance Contracts
Interesting Tidbits
Quick & Easy Review
Hospice Care
With Consent...Authorized Consent
$8.4 Million Award
November 15, 2007
  CMS Rejections
Interesting Tidbits
Tamper Proof Rx
AMA & WMS at Work
EMR Idea
Plexus Holiday Schedule
October 15, 2007
Credit Care Users
Medicaid NPI Registration
Seeing Hospice Patients
OIG Work Plan
Fraud & Abuse
September 15, 2007
  NPI Registry Online
Problem Solved
Cholesterol Month
Public Listing of Payments To Doctors
2007 BlueCard Program
Several MC Plans
August 15, 2007
  More Info On EMR
The Next Step
HIPAA Training
2008 Medicare News
ICD-9 Updates
Cold & Flu Season
Missed Appointments
July 15, 2007
June 15, 2007
  No More UPIN's
CMS Can Do 8
Privacy/Security Officer Certification
Complicated Revenue Cycle
Tax Credit For EMR
May 15, 2007
  Incentive for EHR
Valuable Source
Opt Out of MC
Why Outsource
Sharing NPI Info
April 15, 2007
  Credit Card Receipts
HIPAA Privacy Seminar
Cigna Update
FDA Mandates
Changing Info
NPI Updating
Unclaimed Property
MARCH 15, 2007
  Internal Audits
Adminastar Federal
NPI Update
WI T-19 Not Ready
Tricare Auths
Multi Record Submissions
February 15, 2007
  Additional NPI's
CPT-4 Changes
Industry Updates
Medical Record Fees
Fraudulent Checks
January 15, 2007
HIPAA Violation
2007 Medicare Rates
Medicaid Integrity Plan
Plexus is Keeping Pace
Sign Up
December 15, 2006
  PHS Holiday Closings
Care Credit MC Managed Care
New CMS-1500 Forms
Vets Needs
On-line Response
Healthcare Reform
November 15, 2006
  MC Fees For 2007
McClellan Resigns
Privacy Rules Too Tight
110th Congress
Medicare Appeals
Are You On-line Yet?
October 15, 2006
  2007 ICD-9 Codes
Practice Audits
Billing Fallacy
Medicare Eligibility
Computer Classes
2007 Physician Payments
Family of Four
September 15, 2006
  Required Claim Data
ICD-10 Update CMS To Test Online Data
Tricare Update
Annual School Physicals
Cigna Healthcare
Medicare Nursing Home Payments
Tenet Healthcare Fines
August 15, 2006
  CCI Updates
Blues Update
United Healthcare
ABN's & Multi Services
PHS Web Services
July 15, 2006
  Notes From Patients
ABRI Health Plan
ICD-10 Is In The Works
Credit Card Acceptance
June 15, 2006
  DR. KNOW On Our Web
Credits On Your A/R
Wausau Discovers Error
Plexus Outing
June 1, 2006
  Ready For EMR?
Junk Fax Act
Word Of Mouth
Medicare Pmt Hold
15 Yrs Of Billing
May 17, 2006
  Filed for NPI yet?
Revision of the CMS-1500
Electronically Deposit Remittances
Bush Halts Pay Cut



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