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Plexus helped us implement new business practices to streamline our processes, participated in high level conference calls and has generally been my 'eyes and ears' on the ground in billing. Their work has been very valuable in every sense of the word.

Plexus has been an outstanding business partner and one of the top in the FQHC billing field that I know. They are highly motivated and always do what is asked of them.
Daniel B. - FQHC Finance Director
"Plexus really helped me out of a bad situation. I was left high and dry by another billing agency and they took me and my A/R over. Plexus began by verifying my eligibility in various networks and found that I was not in the right plan or all of the necessary plans. They did the paperwork to correct this and I'm able to perform medical services on all the patients that I want to see.

I'm happy with the technology that they embrace and help me with any coding and all my billing questions. I find Plexus to be knowledgeable and if they don't know, they'll find out and get back to me. The entire staff is very responsive to me and my patients."
Dr. K (Podiatrist)
"Plexus has been performing billing duties for us for over 22 years. In that time they have developed a great rapport with our staff and patients. Together we have grown to become what we envisioned ourselves to be.

Our monthly reporting is easy to read and understand. Plexus was prepared during the expected Y2K issue, they were prepared for the HIPAA implementations and they are preparing us all for the arrival of ICD-10. Plexus keeps us compliant and in the know with their monthly newsletters."
Dr. I (OB/GYN & Family Practice)
"My billing service was selling out, I did not have any options with them at this point. I found Plexus and transferred my entire A/R to them. It was as smooth a transition as I could expect and they have been able to give me an almost paper free office. All my checks are electronically deposited with Plexus pulling down EOB's from carrier websites and posting from there. My services are downloaded by Plexus from my EMR and electronically sent the same day.

We share educational information via emails and keep each other updated on various issues. Together we have a well oiled system that I am very pleased with."
Dr. M (Podiatrist)
"Being a Chiropractor I tend to have a high volume of W/C cases. Plexus is not afraid to turn these issues over to the state if satisfactory reimbursement is not obtained or received timely. This has been done with very good results. They are familiar with MVA issues and help me out a lot with them. Plexus has made it possible for me to be a one-man office and keep my overhead at a comfortable level.

My daily and monthly reporting is easy to read and Plexus sends them to me in electronic files so I don't have a lot of paper to deal with. I like it that the Plexus staff interfaces with insurance carriers and my patients so that I can do what I do best."
Dr. W (Specialty: Chiropractic)
"I've tried other services, but would never consider any service but Plexus. Plexus is quick, reliable and effective. I never worry about billing matters because I have complete confidence that my billing is being done with the utmost care and professionalism."
Dr. D (Specialty: Psychologist)
"Mrs. Bourque and her staff came into a desperate situation and turned things around beautifully. They continue to educate me through their newsletter and emails. I'm very happy with the results and how they streamlined my office and trained my new staff."
Dr. W (Specialty: General Surgeon)
"There are all kinds of nice things I can say about Plexus. We are so happy with Plexus. Everything is always done in a timely fashion. Questions are always answered immediately. Everyone is courteous and helpful."
Barb (Specialty: Allergy)



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